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Common Questions & Recommendations

Can I pause the monthly management?

Yes, you can pause your monthly management.

Date Uploaded: Nov. 1, 2023

What campaign objectives and types mean and how we use them for our customers.

Date Uploaded: Nov. 1, 2023

Protecting Your Business’ Digital Assets

Our recommendations for protecting your business’ digital persona and assets.

Date Uploaded: Oct. 9, 2023

What is the difference between advertising channels? (Facebook, Google Ads, etc,.)

Understanding the methodology behind each advertising channel and how we target your perspective customers.

Date Uploaded: Oct. 21, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing

What is an Inclusive Digital Agency and what can I expect?

An Inclusive Digital Advertising Agency does two things -:

1. We work towards having a deep and holistic understanding of your business, your customers, and your digital persona, but this is only accomplished by including you in processes and methodologies.

2. We believe the importance of communication and including our customers in their digital advertising. With this customer inclusion, we find that the process of improving lead/sales quality and quantity for them dramatically speeds up. What this means for our customers, is that they will know what we are doing and why, thus giving them full control and understanding of their paid advertising.

What can I expect from an Inclusive Digital Agency?

We align your brand and mission with your marketing through a deep understanding of your company by asking you questions, doing competitor analysis, building an avatar of your customers, understanding their needs, and concerns.

We create a congruent customer experience from first the digital interaction, all the way to customer retention & ascension. This “congruent customer experience” is not a static process. It continues to evolve, grow, optimise, and scale with your business and through data feedback from every customer interaction that is continually monitored and analysed.

Is there any specific company categories Opdee doesn’t work with?

Yes, we have list of business types we don’t work with. This splits into two categories, company types we don’t have experience working with and types we refuse to work with.

Companies Categories We Don’t Have Experience working with and wouldn’t be able to offer an optimal outcome without a learning curve to understand the industry as whole -:

  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants / Cafes / Fast-Food / Coffee Shops
  • Supermarkets

General Company policy of company categories we don’t advertise for -:

  • Political
  • Pornography
  • Weapon stores, weapontry e-commerce sites, sensational news site,or information sites related to the category (Guns, Swords, Knives, Ammunition, etc,.).

Does Opdee Paid Advertising require a minimum monthly ad spend?

No, there is no minimum spend required. We will, however, explain to customers that if the spend is too low it will take more time for us to obtain enough data to season their paid advertising accounts. When a user sees/clicks a paid ad, we get data, and with enough data we can accurately understand and optimise the paid advertising. Thus, improving lead quantity and quality. We will give you our professional opinion on what ad spend to start with and then ongoing recommendations for ad spend to obtain the best results.

Please note, however, that having too low of an ad spend will directly affect our ability to improve our lead quality/quantity and we specifically mention this in our 90-day guarantee. See Question “What does Opdee’s 90-day guarantee mean for me?” We can waive our 90-day guarantee if you want to have a below recommended ad spend, which we understand may be an option for some companies.

Do I pay for my digital advertising spend directly to the advertising service (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook/Meta Ads)?

Yes, you will need to have a company card to pay for your companies digital advertising. Opdee digital agency does not pay for your digital advertising. The onboarding and monthly service fee is for creating, managing, optimising, analysing your customer’s journey, and working with you on behalf of your company, it does not include the advertising spend for ads.

Will Opdee lock me into a contract?

No, we do not lock customers into contracts. We believe our PPC expertise to be exceptional and outstanding value for money, however we do not enforce any business into contractual obligation.

What does Opdee’s 90-day guarantee mean for me?

Our 90-day guarantee means that we will refund our service fee within 90 days if we do not improve the quality, or the quantity, of your leads/sales.

There is just one stipulation to this guarantee. If we identify an area of your business, or a service, that we believe will improve your lead quality/quantity, we do require that you use/try it. This may include recommendations for adjusting your messaging to customers, access to a service to give us better insights regarding your website and customers, recommendations for lead nurturing, improving your lead capture by using different funnels and software, and changes to your website. Additionally, if your monthly advertising spend is too low, then we cannot get enough customer and click data to make improvements. We can start optimising an account with as little as 100 clicks and 2,000 ad impressions, but the higher the number the more data we have and the better we can target your ideal customers. We have seen ad campaigns look bad for the first 200 clicks and then become the best converting campaigns in the account. Alternatively, we have seen campaigns start off with screaming results and then die with a whimper after a couple hundred clicks.

The purpose for this stipulation is to ensure that our customers are as committed to building and scaling their business as we are.

Will I have owner/admin access to every service Opdee set ups on my behalf?

Yes. The purpose of Opdee’s inclusive agency is to include our customers in everything we are doing on their behalf and very importantly, be informed so they understand. What this means is, we ensure that you will always have full owner, admin access, and copyright permission to everything that is used, or created, on behalf of your company.