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We are a digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia with 16 years of experience in the digital marketing and website business industry.

Our focus is converting your website’s traffic into paying customers, protecting your brand, and keeping you ahead of your competitors.

We use the latest technology, strategies, and best practices for Digital Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Local Advertising), Website Design & Optimisation, SEO, and Customer Website Conversion Optimisation.

We Use A.I. for Next-Level of Digital Advertising

Tailored AI-Driven Insights for Your Brand and Audience

We create and train an A.I. avatar of your business, brand voice, ideal customer, and then feed in data about your competitors, and industry.

The AI avatar is designed to learn continuously from data inputs, leading to constant improvement in how your brand communicates with its audience. Over time, this leads to more nuanced and effective marketing strategies that grow in efficiency with each campaign.

Consistent Brand Voice Across Platforms

By leveraging AI avatars of your customer that embody your brand’s voice, we ensure that every piece of content, regardless of the platform, maintains a consistent tone and messaging. This consistency strengthens brand recognition and loyalty, as customers come to know and trust your brand’s unique voice.

An artist’s illustration of artificial intelligence (AI). This image visualises the input and output of neural networks and how AI systems perceive data. It was created by Rose Pilkington ...

Increased Efficiency in Your Content Creation

Utilising your custom create AI avatar streamlines the content creation process, producing high-quality, brand-aligned content at scale.

This efficiency allows your brand to stay active and engaged with your audience, without compromising on the quality or consistency of your messaging.

Robot Pointing on a Wall

Adaptive Content Strategy

AI avatars can analyse customer feedback and engagement in real-time, allowing for adaptive content strategies that evolve with your audience’s preferences.

Our dynamic approach ensures your content remains relevant, engaging, and effective in achieving your marketing goals, keeping your brand agile and responsive to market trends.

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Meet The Opdee Team



Derek stands at the forefront of Opdee, wielding his expertise in data analytics and market analysis to generate customized business strategies. His deep understanding of paid advertising, customer conversion, and buying behavior ensures precisely targeted and effective marketing efforts.

Beyond marketing, Derek’s skills extend to business consulting and strategy development, enhancing operational efficiency and driving growth. His comprehensive approach not only identifies growth opportunities but also implements solutions, guiding businesses through the digital landscape towards success.


Financial Director and Strategic Communications

Olwyn plays a crucial role in Opdee’s achievements, blending strategic vision with creative prowess to guide the company’s operations towards its objectives. Her meticulous approach enhances all forms of communication, from diligent proofreading to word crafting.

Additionally, her experience in financial management forms the foundation for Opdee’s steady growth. Olwyn’s talent in managing both strategic direction and creative elements is essential in promoting a culture focused on effectiveness, innovation, and sustained prosperity.

Arnel (Nel)

Creative Director

Meet Arnel, or Nel as he’s known around Opdee, our Creative Director who excels in aligning brand visions with market presence through social branding strategies and brand kit designs.

He guides the creative direction at Opdee, meticulously ensuring that every marketing creative is on-brand and resonates with our customers’ objectives.

Cindy (Dee)

Head of Operations & Projects

Cindy, who goes by Dee, is central to the smooth operation of business activities at Opdee. Her involvement in project management is crucial, as she ensures that projects move forward effectively and meet their deadlines.

Her approach to managing tasks and timelines is vital in keeping projects on track, demonstrating her ability to handle complex workflows with efficiency.


Marketing Strategist & Lead Copywriter

Eira’s expertise’s in market research and content strategy sets the stage for innovative campaigns. As the lead copywriter, Eira crafts persuasive narratives that are central to captivating audiences and articulating brand messages with clarity and impact.


Graphic Designer & Specialists in Video Animation/Editing

Jericho is the lead creative at Opdee, infusing life into static ideas with his specialisation in animation and design. With a strong command over tools like Filmora and the expansive Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, premiere, photoshop, his skill set covers photo & video editing to full-scale production.


Advertising Account Specialist

Susie combines her marketing degree expertise with her long experience as a purchasing agent to deliver exceptional Google Ads management and strategy at Opdee.

With a proven track record of building long-lasting client partnerships, she excels in content management and optimising Google Business Profiles, ensuring that every campaign not only resonates with audiences but also sustains robust business relationships for lasting success.


Advertising Account Specialist

Nina is a strategic architect behind Google Ads campaigns, leveraging her wealth of experience in social media and outbound marketing strategies.

Her dual expertise in technical support and customer service, grounded in her bachelor’s in industrial technology with a major in electronic technology, ensures a data-driven and results-oriented approach to every client’s advertising needs. Nina’s multifaceted skill set is key to navigating the complexities of digital marketing and achieving continued success for Opdee’s clients.


Lead Website Developer

Paulique, the latest addition to the Opdee team, leverages her expertise in crafting engaging, functional websites and optimising conversion rates. With a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem, she excels in creating user-friendly platforms that balance aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

Her approach prioritises intuitive navigation and compelling content, key to captivating our audience and facilitating their interaction with our brand. Through data-driven strategies, she focuses on refining user journeys to enhance engagement and conversions across our digital footprints.

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